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Welcome to Tigermadness.comTigermadness.com. We specialize in items that have tiger patterns and with 3 different colors available (Gold/Black or Bengal Orange/Black or White/Black).  The products that we manufacture are American made with American made material.  Our North Carolina company is dedicated to 100% quality and satisfaction in all of our products.  Other than the products pictured here, we have additional Tiger items on our Product Page.  We also make special items upon request.

Tigermadness.comTigermadness.comTigermadness travels throughout the United States each year.  You can visit our vending booth at car shows, drag races, childrens charity functions and schools that have a "Tiger" for their mascot.  Please visit our Kids Corner & Big Kids Corner to see some great Tiger Fans.  We change our pictures and products periodically so please visit us from time to time to see what's new.

*** NOW HERE ... RADIO Memorabilia! ***

BRAND NEW FROM TIGER MADNESS!!!!!!!Tigermadness.comTigermadness.com
Let us take your favorite photo and place it on the cover of a Wheaties Box.
We incase the Wheaties box in a clear acrylic box to protect it from fingerprints and dirt.
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